Should human beings be allowed to use other animals as objects of sport and entertainment?

    How many inhumane things do you think go on behind the scenes of circus's and other entertainment using animals for profit. The amount of money they make from these traveling prisons and the amount that goes towards the animals comfort is disgusting. People are truly selfish and evil.

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    If everyone avoided the circuses and the animal parks, they would go out of business in this country. However, the most inhumane acts still go on in other countries, like china, where animals are skinned alive for their skins, and left to die a slow torturous death. Other countries trap animals like bears and use them for sport with dogs tearing them apart. Still other people, even in the US, have cockfights, dog fights etc. It won't stop until people stand up and put an end to it all.


    Good point Freedom, I agree a lot needs to be done before it will all stop. I will still continue to avoid any entertainment that involves the use and abuse of animals.

    It is so easy to turn a blind eye. But when we are reminded of all that goes on it makes me sick. I even hate to see two dogs fighting in the street. How can people watch and pay for such a thing. At least the circus should have standards to comply to but I am sure they get away with a lot behind closed doors.

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