Are Americans Afraid To Take Vacations?

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    ole hipster

    Now, I'm thanking you for thanking me! (:

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    Some Americans do not take vacations because they can't afford to do it. Some Americans can't afford to take days off. Some Americans may feel too busy to take a vacation or take a long vacation.

    This is my motto: Laugh, smile, love and enjoy life, whether I feel that my life is going well or not. Trust and do not be afraid!!!
    I don't know that Americans are afraid to go on vacations but they certainly are frightened when they pull up to a gas pump and see the pricing! (:
    im certainally not as long as i dont leave the us.. get serious the world hates us , our dolar is worth s..t, the Tsa" molests you, the fbi investigates you. the extremeist want to kill you.. the destination croakes millage rewards you only when you spend more money... i'll keep my vaction here in the us where the flag still means somthing

    WOw, seems like the whole world is against you :) What's a life without taking risks?

    there plenty here to do .. everday is a risk..
    I've traveled to the Philippines numerous times in the past 15 years, and except for a couple times, always felt relatively safe. the secret is to not stand out, keep native family and friends with you, and treat the locals with respect. There will always be danger around the corner, but thats true in NY city also.
    The majority of my relatives are in Germany and France. Both countries dislike Americans, perhaps not me but the country. I haven't been in either country for quite some time. I find myself on the defensive while visiting. Bottom line is, they suck, we don't, period.

    America the beautiful...that settles it :-)
    ed shank

    Right on, sweaty.

    sweaty or sweetie :-)
    ed shank

    Screw up, sorry. How about "SUGAR".

    its all good :-)
    In the past I have only gone on vacations to locations in the U.S., like many Americans do, the U.S. is huge and there is a lot to see here. Once people get older I think if they have saved up money and want to visit Europe they will.

    I personally don't feel the need or great desire to visit Europe or other continents. I wouldn't mind visiting a few different countries, but I think the truth of the matter is that there is a lot to see here in N. America.

    One other thing; American's are aware that the rest of world basically doesn't like them. So why should I as an American go visit a country where I am not welcomed? Why would I want to support their economy? Yellowstone is beautiful this time of year... TMO

    Go for it :-)
    No I donot believe we're afraid just cautious about spending money in these times of uncertainty.
    I'm an american and i've gone on vacation with my family for years. Thousands of people in the United States go on vacation each year.

    Maybe tens of thousands or better yet hundreds of thousands? Thumbs up on your answer.

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