How long until the UN comes for Americans guns?

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    Joe Bidden was the author of the anti-gun laws that we have today! Isn't that special. Obama gives more respect to other nations leaders than he does to our congress. The NWO is preparing to put the final stages of their plan into effect. I say one of the suspected NWO members on t.v. suggesting that all of the countries in the world should vote for the American president. Wow, this is getting scary, why should non-Americans vote for the President of the U.S.?

    One world government will be here soon. The only thing that will drive countries to unite will probably be a global depression, like the one were headed for. When all of the countries of the worlds money becomes valueless, and inflation goes off the charts, it will be time for a one world currency. Then follows one world government, laws, and world I.D., which will be a rice grain sized computer chip that they will want to implant in your hand of forehead.

    They already have this technology for storing a persons medical records, and they use it on animals in case your pet gets lost. The studies show the best place to implant these devices in your body temperature wise is in you hand or temple area.

    US forces under NATO/UN control precedent has been set. A global army, US troops are sent elsewhere, the dollar is aloud to fail by the masters, false flag attack in the US blamed on patriots, foreign troops move in to the US and good Americans are told to turn in their guns. And the sheep are slaughtered.

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