Is John Avlon right

    He said on CNN "Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential Suicide Warriors & Are Mentally Disturbed"

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    According to scientific data collection and analysis... I think not ....


    I think not too...."Suicide warriors?" get a grip. It is far more likely that a person who kills another person will take their own life (suicide by any number of ways) rather than survive the incredible guilt of their deed. Even police are not immune from that. Mentally disturbed!?!? Anyone who thinks killing someone or themselves will end their problems is in fact mentally ill. Either way the number of problems grows exponentially after death.

    John Avlon born in 1973. Working in the News game. Is anyone not convinced that the News game is about distorting simple boring trifles to bait anyone who can read or listen into their commentary? Yes, I want gum...sticky-sweet gum that goes pop-pop-pop all day long and a beer or ten.   

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