If put tree tea oil on the ticik, will it kill it ? it falls off or do I remove ?

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    When you remove the tick w tweezers, put it on a small saucer or ashtray , light a match and burn it. this way you know for sure its dead. Then clean the area w. Alcohol.
    Tea tree oil is a fantastic natural antiseptic, but that is all that it is.

    If you find a tick on yourself, you need to pull it off with tweezers or a tick remover which will be sure the head is off also. Flush the tick down the toilet, or squash it between your fingernails. Be sure it is dead, if it isn't it can reattach itself to you or someone else.

    Then you can use an antiseptic on the area where you pulled the tick off.
    It won't kill it. Ticks breathe through their skin. When you put the oil on, it can't breathe and will back out of the skin. Once it does that, then you can remove it.

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