Is there somewhere people of common sense can go and be safe away from all the religions that love to kill each other in the name of their peaceful gods

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    Roger Willcoe

    God I hope

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    Yes, believe it or not there really is one Christian faith that does not engage in wars of any kind and truly do their best in living up to their faith and that religion is Jehovah's Witnesses.
    The word Christian translated means: Christ follower, so what was it that Christ did when here on earth?
    He went to the people, not preaching, but rather:teaching his fathers will, so that anyone who followed Christ became a Christian.
    There are many who don't understand what Jehovah's Witnesses are about and will and do speak down on them.
    If you have a question pertaining to scripture, by all means if one should come knocking on your door, ask them, they will be more than willing to assist you.
    The Witnesses do not get involved in worldly affairs for the simple reason being this system of things is passing away with all of it's worldly desires, they are waiting on Jehovah to usher in the new system of things.
    In the mean time they obey all laws, pay taxes and do their best to live a peaceful productive life.
    They can be found world wide, coming from every nation, creed and nationally and race and have come together as true brothers and sisters while going to the people, teaching the will of our heavenly farther: Jehovah.

    Maybe if you have enough money to buy your own island some where in the Atlantic near Bermuda or possibly the South Pacific islands near Samoa? Good luck islands are much cheaper since the "real estate crash."

    Go south Antartica sounds good

    The only place I can think is gilligans Island

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