Should Obese People and Smokers Pay More For Health Insurance?

    Obesity and smoking are the largest modifiable risk factor that costs billions per year. The choices made are the individuals therefore, do you think they should have to pay more?

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    Yes I am a smoker and have done all my life ( now 61 ) never had to go to a hospital. I have worked all my life and funny enough ran and cycled all my life. I paid all my taxes and dues.I also pay a hefty tax on cigarettes, do not think druggy's pay any tax for when they take ill. A few years ago Gordon Brown put cigarettes up to raise ?350 million pound for NHS, not for smoking related diseases, just to put into the NHS. Also it is fair to say smokers die earlier than non smokers so if smokers die before they are 60 or 65 where dues all the state pension money go that is NOT being paid out. Also if they have worked all their lives there works pension halves to their partner, saving somebody more money. We pay a hefty price for our habit as it is thank you.


    Smokers are already paying over $5 in tax on a pack of cigarettes. It's an addicting habit that has been legal forever. I started at the age of 11. My older sister got me hooked so I wouldn't rat her out. I have an addictive personality. Meaning things I enjoy can be highly addictive to me. I do not use drugs and do not drink. I watch what I eat and my only bad vice is smoking. And you would have me punished even beyond the 5$ tax I'm paying that we all know none of it is going into education people not to smoke.

    As for obese people, most (without a medical issue causing it) go to fast food restaurants. I say make fast food illegal. Shut down the fat factories!

    I guess my answer is NO. They should not have to pay extra. Should chronic complainers who are at the doctors office every other day have to pay extra?


    Addictive, shmictive! I am so sick of people using "addiction" as an excuse for their unhealthy habits. Nobody held a gun to your head and made you: smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol, smoke crack, snort cocaine, or eat sugary, fatty foods. The fact of the matter is, that person is ALLOWING their addiction to come before everything else in their life. The minute that something in their life becomes MORE important than the addiction, then that addiction will mysteriously go away. I know, because I used to be addicted to junk food at one time, and then that was replaced by alcohol. But, lo and behold, I decided to choose my job over alcohol. Man up, people!

    catgirl, do you personally know every person in the world? Some people are highly addictive and it is impossible for them to quit. It's actually more destructive for them to quit an addiction than it is for them to just to keep the addiction. Consuming junk food would never work for people like that. It would not give them the same satisfaction. It will not give the same effect as smoking does. Learn something about addictions before you spout off and group all people together. Do some research. It's a medical fact that some people suffer addiction so much that they find dying easier than break an addiction and give up what may or many not be bad for them. It's well documented that many life long smokers have died in their late 90's and have never had a smoking related disease. These people smoked all the way up until their deaths.

    As far as "man up", no thank you I'm not a man. How about you grow up? You come across as sounding like an immature footstomper. If this government is going to ignorantly pick on one unhealthy lifestyle choice, then it's going to have to pick on them all. The liqueur you drink, the McDonald junk food you consume, the pot you suck down to help keep you from smoking cigarettes, should all be highly taxed too. This means legalizing your replacement to cigarettes but hey, if it makes more money for this corrupt government, go for it! I'll keep my cigarettes, you can have your pot.

    Lo and behold, I'm retired. I don't have to worry about a job and it's smoke free policy. Nobody held a gun to your head and made you talk stupid either.
    Apparently no one here has tried to buy additional health insurance lately. You will pay through the ass if you smoke or are overweight, or a preexisting condition.
    As a matter of fact, underweight anorexics, alcoholics and druggies should pay more, as they are also the big bulk of occupants of emergency and hospital beds!
    Definitely obese people should pay more for health insurance,I think smokers have paid enough already. I'm outraged that everything is blamed on smoking, really???? Alcoholics, and drug users too!!! It isn't true, that all smokers have problems, I'm a smoker, I haven't seen a doctor in 5 years, and yes, I enjoy perfect health. Everybody else around me at work who doesn't smoke, constantly running to the doctors, and that irritates the hell out of me. Maybe it's time to go to Europe, where you can still do whatever you enjoy and not get punished for it.

    I have to agree. I'm a smoker too and can't think of the last time I was really sick. Even a cold with me is pretty mild and only lasts a day or two yet my non smoking friends always seem to be sick. Apparently the frequently sick people need a scape goat and smokers are it.
    one way or another they will end up paying for it themselves if they don't get hit by a buss first

    i give you my answer after im done eating my pizza, which i just got cigarette ash all over!


    No. :) I already pay extra money in the price of cigarettes to offset the cost of health care to cover people who get sick from smoking. Obese people only have to pay extra for that 2nd and 3rd plate of food. They can pay extra for their insurance.

    I used to sell life ins. and they did pay more for it.

    I am a 'light' smoker, a cigar once in awhile.. The price of tobacco products in the USA is very costly already, what should be done is take some of these taxes that are going in politician's pockets and channel it into smoker's cessation programs, after all, they would be paying for it every time they buy..

    Tobacco/Firearms/alcohol and now gasoline.. These are the hardest hit..

    Millions of dollars are being spent on creating obnoxious 'stop smoking' commercials with a woman talking through her hole in her neck, this is not going to make peole quit smoking, all it does is make Hollywood actors and producers richer. Instead of this money going to them, why not the smokers themselves? when they are ready to quit, they enroll in a good program that is paid for from tobacco taxes..

    As far as the obese, they pay more at the gas pumps in gasoline to carry their lard azzes around town.. (just kidding, I like the fat people..They always seem so happy..

    No. Because, I think that would change the dynamics of health insurance. For example: an alcoholic, a person with diabetes, drug users, etc.. Which would mean, any kind of problem should pay more.


    An alcoholic???? Yes they should pay more too. Unless they are in "recovery"

    Yes... I am a smoker (right now) and I know I am making myself unhealthy. I will have more heath issues. My chilren will have more health issues. Why should everyone else pay for my stupidity.
    I quit last Jan. then life fell apart a little and I picked them back up. I need to get it together and stop this self distructive BS


    It's great that you can admit it Jenn. A lot of people are in denial, good luck with quitting!!



    I've never smoked in my house. Even though I'm a smoker, I hate the stale smell of cigarette smoke in a house.


    Thanks... My hubby quit when I did last year... and we both started again recently... They are going to have to be out od the house. I am stressed. And weak right now. We are going to do it. We have to.


    No we dont smoke in the house or around the kids.. not even the pets.


    A co-worker quit 3 mos. ago. Put money for cigs in special bank account. Has nearly $1,000 saved for his next vacation. Plus, he feels much better.
    No, but people who go to the doctor every time they get a sniffle should pay more in premiums.
    Good question. Would you consider adding alcoholics and drug users to this?
    I quit tobacco over 30 yrs ago. As a result, I've saved thousands of dollars. But, I suffered the consequences. I've have two cancers removed from my tongue. I've had rotater cuff surgery in both shoulders and they never hurt as much as the tongue surgery. My answer is NO! To those still smoking, pay the tax and be quiet. Or, stop smoking, save your money and go on a healthy trip.
    Not to be biased i think so

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