Karmam pionts?

    Wow I have been on here forever.. I just noticed that ppl that have been on here about he same amount of time have much higher karma pionts.... Am I not as usefull as I had hoped I would be?

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    Don't forget we all love you Jen, don't be to critical of yourself, you do a great job here, it just depends how much time people put into the site.

    LOL... Iam not critical of myself... That is the 2nd time someone said that to me..IT was just an observation.. ANd I KNOWWWWWWW YOU LOVE ME... wink wink!

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    Dont put yourself down because of Karma Points You had some great Questions and gave some great answers. Your input is very important to us.
    ole hipster

    Most thoughtful answer! (:
    Dont worry Jenn. All the high Karma people dont sleep. Us humans need some sleep and have to work. lol TU to you

    This is true. I've never required more than 4 hours sleep and have always been a night owl which was a bonus in my life as night shift work always pays more than day shift. Now it works for me to be able to moderate this site for many hours per day and remove useless questions and shut down spammers and idiots who want to post crap just to upset the members. I have the time that the admins don't have.
    indeed you are dont sell yourself short... you are a much loved and respected part of this community. if they gave points in sincerity you would top the charts... none of us made it this far for being stupider than the days long a product of boston public schools, it takes me longer to type than think....

    double thumbs up from me!!
    ole hipster

    Ah-h good daren1...I got my first out loud chuckle from you! (:
    ole hipster

    That question mark at the end should be an exclamation point....couldn't edit and but it makes the question weird with a question mark (:

    Question mark removed, exclamation point added ;)
    Hi Jenn....gave you a TU just for asking that question and just in case I, myself, inadvertently didn't give you TUs in the past for you questions and answers....sometimes I forget to hit the damn button anyway! Hence...the name ole hipster! Hope all is going well and better that it has been for ya' I'm pulling for you girl! (:

    LOL, with your record of hitting the button too many times, you may have done her a favor! Just some light teasing hipster, luv ya gal! :)
    Just mention God, bible, and Amen and the bible club will take care of you in no time :)

    Throw in a few bible verses and you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.
    ole hipster

    How I missed your sense of humor! Couldn't stay away, huh? (:

    LOL Colleen. You are not a member of the Bible club yet look at the Karma you have earned. Obviously we give you some as well. Amen.

    Actually a lot of my karma came as a bonus from the admin. Their way of thanking me for all the work I do here keeping them informed of all the issues, making almost daily reports about the wants and needs of the members, forwarding anything I see from other members as to how to make akaQA better than it is along with moderating and keeping the site clear of vulgar jerks and children wanting to know what sex is. I honestly don't see a lot of up votes from the bible club. I don't even see a lot of up votes from the thousands of researched and correct answers I give. I know you started to point it out a while back but then even you stopped. No worries, like I've said before, I'm not here to participate in a popularity contest. :)
    Headless Man

    Why do you want to bring the bible up in a non christian question?

    Well the bible is part of my point as to why Jenn doesn't get an upvote when she sneezes.

    i preach a little. but I am note one to over load ppl on the word.. Thet never gets a point across... That is when ppl shut down... I dont need karma point to feel love you guys are always awesome to me.. It was just something I noticed... I have never really paid attention to the karma piont until I saw ne about LEEROY.

    Jenn you're a cool lady and you know I've always had your back. I'm not one who remembers to give TU's a lot probably because the points mean so little to me that I don't think about them. BUT you are not the first to notice the inequality about the system and how there are favorites here. The admins have noticed too and are trying to figure a way of making it even. They know there are a lot of people here who give sound advice to many questions not religiously based but get ignored by some of the daily regulars because they are not about religion. There is a click or club as I call it and they feed only each other and forget about the rest. Ideas are being tossed around as to how to combat this. My idea was to make it known there is a problem. I know the points are important for regulars to feel like their impute is appreciated. I will do my best to give points to all who I feel have answered a question informatively. Unfortunately with me, it will take more than a sneeze from a person in order to get a TU ;)

    My goodness but I must be naive! I was just merrily going along enjoying giving thumbs up and getting them as sort of like a high five! I sure hope people don't think that I am biased! I just try to stay away from contention!

    LOL Monkey. We let you stay just because you ARE naive. (((hugs))) How are you doing tonight? I see you have new look. :)

    Kind of crazy and childish to want to change, but it's fun! Thanks for lettin me stay...though I'd probably get more done if you kicked me off!! LOL

    I am pulling my hair our trying to remember where I asked you a question about what you get when you get more points? Do you know where that is? I think it was one of your answers that I commented on. I'll check back here.

    "Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most!!" :P

    Right now there's not a lot you get. They are working on a badge system and some other things to acknowledge the major contributors and the daily members of the forum. Nothing set in stone yet though. For now you'll just have to take the undying gratitude of the people here that you brave the free for alls that can happen, lol

    When you find your mind, let me know where it was. Mine is probably there too. ;)

    No doubt having a very sensible conversation!!! Better head to bed...11:20 here and a big day behind me!! Thanks for all! Good night!
    No prize for Karma. But I like your drift.

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