Do you like to see ppls pix on here .Or would you rather you your imagination?

    I am torn... I am very curious to see what my buddies look like but it changes the way I read thier comments.. Yeah I am more shallow than I thought... LOL

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    Most want to remain anomalous so they feel free to be stupid.

    And that is why I have a paw print... LOL
    Like TSC, people confuse me with a certain celebrity all the time, George Clooney is my look alike.
    ole hipster

    Who knows, he may BE your look alike.....isn't it fun to be mysterious? (:
    ole hipster

    Who knows, he may BE your look alike.....isn't it fun to be mysterious? (:
    ole hipster

    Don't know how that double answer happened at the same time too!??

    You would think with the initials J.D. you would be a big drinker, Well he's older than me so I guess He was here first, lol:)
    I tried to get my pic in, but so far not happening. I also tried to get a photo of my MRI-"space alien head shot" but they wouldn’t let me have it to post on the internet or have printed on a t-shirt. Some people are afraid of the dark still.

    At least I know I look ok to me. Maybe that,s the problem.
    Headless Man

    Have you tried sense the profile has been changed?

    As soon as the question popped. It could be the size or format of the photo.
    I thought about posting a picture of myself on Q&A but my resemblance to Brad Pitt would just throw everyone off.

    Funnt I always thought you were kida hott.... So is Leeroy and Banks
    Headless Man

    You don't think I'm HOT?

    Lmao, you just keep me laughing TSC, keep up the good work...
    Throw a party, I'll be there! ;)
    I think that would be kinda cool.It would be nice to see everyone's faces that we so often talk to.
    this is my real face not enough vitamin "e" i guess

    Dang you are one FINE man!
    In the brief time I've been here, I believe I could probably pick most of you out at the mall. I prefer the anonymity of what I envision you all to look like, however the pictures posted are great. "Randy" love your head next to your head. "Mom" great posture and, well, I'll leave it there. "Mrs. Sinclair" sooooo serious, but probably a hell of a party-er. As far as the rest of the ugly men go, well I'm in good company.

    HAHA! In my head you are all GQ models!!!! xoxox
    ed shank

    I must say I am quite impressed with many of the answers given. Considering most of you are fairly young, but astute.
    Not necessarily their picture but something different than the site's avatars (such as yours).

    Yeah I had to add a lil personality... Maybe not what Iwanted but.. It'll do.
    ole hipster

    Hey....don't knock the site's avatars...I like mine...kind of resembles me!! (:

    @ ole hipster: Yeah but you got the only real cool one on the site :o)
    I like to see the avatars that people choose. I adds to what i imagine they look like. BTW thanks jenn for the compliment. Thank you again or can i say ... " spank you " LOLOL

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