Who were the Rephaites

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    It refers to a region in the bible that was called Raphim. Supposedly, it was inhabited by a race of giants and they were called Rephaites. Evidently, when the jews were led to the promised land they were instructed by god to kill all the current inhabitants, which included the Raphaites.

    Roger Willcoe

    Sounds like the righteous jew god, I thought they were friends with the Raphaites. Must be why there arn't any giants now except in NY/SF. Is the planet the promised jew land now?

    Well it's been 18 days since I asked this question still no answers, can Bible people help me out with this or is it more covenant to augue about the same old things and skip over this? Were these guy's Gods children from Orion?

    hafhkahfkafakh hgaiagkg


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