Do Falcons eyes water

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    • A group of hawks that vary in size from small to medium, and are identified by their large head, notched beak, dark eyes, and distinct Peregrine falconstripe(s) below their eyes called malar stripes.

    • Their powerful short beaks have a tooth on the upper jaw, which with the hooked tip create a notch for breaking the spinal cord of their prey.

    • Powerful fliers and divers with long, narrow, pointed wings and long tails.

    • These raptors do not build their own nests, but scrape out spots on cliffs or in cavities.

    • They typically live in open country.

    • Among the most aerial and acrobatic of the raptors, their flight ability is legendary; scientist say these raptors can fly at speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

    • Five falcon species can be found in Idaho, they are the American kestrel, merlin, prairie 
      falcon, peregrine falcon, and the gyrfalcon.

    • It is this group of birds around which the sport of “falconry” revolves. 

    None of them mention watering eyes on a falcon……..

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