How Do You Overcome The Most Ugly Trait.... Jealousy?

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    Jealousy is an ugly thing to hold on to, I believe we have all gone through it in our lives. I think the best thing to do is just realize that if the person is going to do something eventually the truth will get back to you and you can move on after that point. In reality those feelings are unreasonable. If you are jealous of a friend, then you need to work on your own self esteem, if it is a lover you worry about then you have to evaluate what it is in the relationship that is creating this weakness and build on that.


    Thanks mom, great answer.

    what roger wilco said

    I think that is hard for a lot of people I pray about things like that in my life because I know I cannot do it alone. This might help.

    You have to let it go or it will eat you up. Find something good. See yourself on the planet and see all the other people and all the other life around you. It's not wrorth worrying about in the grand scheme of things, lifes to short to spend it festering over something out of your control.


    what the heck!? I tried giving you a T.U and it went into -. :(

    It's a day to day task I think, with a lot of mistakes along the way but I think as long as you keep trying thats all that matters because at least you're showing that you can admit the fault and are wanting to fix it :)

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