are mosquitos attracted from light?

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    According to Yahoo answers, Yes.

    Mosquitoes are basically little flying sensory creatures. There are extremely well cued for dark colors (most mammals) and carbon dioxide (what mammals omit from their breath and skin). They are able to follow the carbon dioxide trails by their antenna. But, mosquitoes do avoid direct sunlight because they are so small and dry up easily. But they will swarm around a light bulb like most insects.

    They are also attracted to dark clothing.

    Mosquitoes are shown to prefer darker colored clothing over lighter colors, as in a research project funded by S.C. Johnson. The preference is not as strong as once believed, but still notable.

    Scientists believe that the reason this occurs is because darker colors absorb heat while lighter colors reflect it. The mosquitoes are attracted to this body heat and thus bite people in dark clothing more often than those wearing lighter colors.

    Mosquitoes are attracted by your breath and they come out day and night. The ones at our place never let up. So, I guess, either hold your breath or wear a gas mask they'll never find you and your blood.
    Mosquitors are attracked to lights and to carbon dioxide which is what you breath out. Mosquito Magnets, bug zappers etc. usually have at least one method to attract the little critters, one is a scent bait (pheromones) but sometimes also a light or it shoots off blasts of carbon dioxide into the air.
    they are attracted to motion,also.
    Not attracted to light but they are attracted to the following:

    Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon dioxide from the breath of humans and animals helps mosquitoes to find their prey. A burning candle or other fire is another source of carbon dioxide. However, CO2 alone is not enough to attract mosquitoes.

    Lactic Acid
    Everyone of us releases lactic acid when exercising or consuming particular foods. This chemical is used in some of mosquito traps as an attractant.

    When people and animals breathe, they exhale mixture of carbon dioxide and octenol, which is actually a type ofalcohol. Octenol is sometimes described as 'cow’s breath in a can', and is a remarkable lure for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and other biting insects have extremely-sensitive receptors that can detect this chemical from almost 100 feet away.

    Body heat
    Circulating blood in animals and humans radiates body heat. As mosquitoes have sophisticated heat sensors, they follow body heat and exhaled gases and fly to their target. The exact temperature depends on the type of mosquito.

    During breathing people also exhale water vapor and perspiration is produced during active movement. Even small amounts of water will attract mosquitoes as it could mean possible blood source or possible breading site.

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