What's your favorite animal

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    Hey Roger how you doing? Good question, My favorite animal of all time, as far as pets go is a parrot. I owned an African Grey parrot named Oscar. He was very intelligent and fun, he could also crush Brazil nuts with his beak, so if he didn't like you, that was a bad thing. Researchers at the University of Arizona have been testing the smartest of the parrots for years. Yellow Napes and African Grays are the top two, it's said that they have the intelligence of a 5 year old child.

    I think my bird was even smarter than that. Not only could he imitate sounds and voices almost exactly, but he would use them in the proper context as well. He would imitate the sound the smoke detector makes when the battery was low, I would check it and yell,"Hey you cut that out." Then he would laugh and laugh. He would also do the telephone and many other things just to mess with you.

    It is wonderful to love an animal... My heart aches for my dogs I lost this year.. One to cancer one to (God KNows Want.). I am getting two more.. Does this mean dogs are my fav... not sure , but i dont want to live without them.


    they are your best friend JENN.

    Oliver my cat........

    The dog ""


    Do you miss Roger?

    My oh my val!!!! Where did you scrape this one from?

    I don' miss nor dismiss Jack aka Roger. I did not follow his "doings"... I was just browsing by labels when I clicked on "favorites" - I think - I saw this Q and answered it...
    What's the scoop? Educate me please. :-)

    He's new world order and was giving people an extremely hard time when they did not agree with his ideas. He name called, was belligerent and nasty. Not a friendly guy at all.

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