Underground bunkers

    When the elite go down in their bunkers how do they know someone wont vacuum the air out intead of pumping it in? If they have compressed air, how can they be sure it's not poisoned? How do they know the guy's with the guns wont just opt for a blood bath? How can they be sure they'll ever get out given that man and machine break? How do they know someone didn't bury a nuke in their huge bunkers?

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    In answer, your thoughts on the elite going down in their bunkers are great. I guess they could just sit down, stick their heads between their knees and kiss their arses goodbye, so long, sayonara, adios, etc. etc. So much for the elitists!

    Well won't they have to allow some fit healthy younger men and women with them,presumeably from their own private staff,personal secretaries and bodyguards perhaps.The powerful and elite will mostly middle aged men and older and if it was solely down to their seed to repopulate the planet it'd probably be a feeble n infirm race than inherits a highly toxic planet.Plus the elite will need more than themselves when they leave the shelters or else they'll be governing nothing but'll make sure their bodyguards keep their shelters untampered with and in A1 condition.The sweetest irony being that they'll envisage coming out the shelters with their power intact ready to govern while making free with their stock of young beauties to help restart the population but their old trappings of power no longer count for anything,they re just ageing men with little to offer fit to do nothing but watch the bodyguards and beauties restart the race.delicious irony !!!!

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