Are we programmed to be judgemental

    divide and conquer?

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    We are not computers to be programmed. But we are bombarded by frivolous information every day. Sadly many adversely affected by media particularly soap operas.

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    Great question it runs deep you have my t.u. on this one. From the beginning in schools we are hit with divisive reasoning and in many other arenas of life. Many people don't even notice. Why are there so many gun related killing in the U.S., compared to the rest of the world? Over 16,000, the closest to the U.S.'s record is slightly over 600, what a gap? How can this be explained?

    In Britain it is illegal to carry a gun of knife without license.
    But all indications are we catching you up.

    Because of the increasing of lawlessness the love of many will grow cold, but he that endures to the end is the one that will be saved. And the Good news of the Kingdom will be preached------ Matt 24

    yes I never thought of it that way but I will say yes (and someone will judge my answer :)

    ole hipster

    Like your answer Jennn! Sometimes I think we are also "taught" by our folks to be judgemental in some areas that they are or were judgemental in.

    I don't know so much about being programmed as we are human and have to fight the urge to not jump to be judgmental I guess. I always try to think there go I but for the grace of God there are always others worse off than any of us and I try to remember though I do not always manage to do so but I am trying harder that I have not walked a mile in that person's shoes to know where they are and how they got there and why they feel the way they do. But there is a big difference now in discernment and judgment.

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