What is the best Keanu Reeves movie

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    I agree with TSC, he plays almost robotic roles that seem emotionless, but the only movie that I saw where he actually acted and stretched himself was, A Walk in the CloudsI think that was the name. Where he helped out the pregnant chick he met on the bus, who's father owned the vineyard.

    I love the Matrix movies but not because of Keanu Reeves great acting skills. Hes not a very good actor. His looks got him the roles he plays and he still sounds like a moron
    (Bill & Teds Excelent Adventure) when he opens his mouth.

    Sweet November. I think he was great in that one. :]

    Does he actually have a good one?

    Roger Willcoe

    I think "A Scanner Darkly" may be his best.

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