need help with budget and paying bills that are past due

    I need help with making a budget and getting my bills caught up

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    Get some folders or something to keep track of your bills then as you pay them make a note as to the amount and put that away each month as you get it not when it's due then you will know what you have left to spend it will take a few months to get it set up but you will feel better when you do.
    The way I have paid everything off is to just stop getting things I really don't need. I slowed right down on eating out, stopped buying impulsively, found things to do that didn't have a price tag, ride my bicycle if I can. Another way is to write down how much you make in a month and also how much you have to pay out in living expenses and bills. Find out how much extra I have after the fact and give myself a small percent for extras and put the rest on my bills.I also sold my boat and am selling my motor bike. The things that aren't overly necessary can wait until I am caught up. I figure they are just things, they don't at all define who I am. I can always have them later when I have caught up on the extra expenses.I still go out once in awhile but now I really appreciate it when I do. Good luck!

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