Are aliens friendly

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    That's like asking if strangers are friendly. Depends on the individual, or group.

    Well its hard to say but their reported behaviour so far ranges from cautious to arrogant right up to sinister.While it's hard to think of them as friendly they dont appear to be hostile as yet.Of course it's impossible to say as all we have to go on are sightings and encounters.They appear to hovver in the sky observing us which suggests caution while other times they buzz an airliner or military jet circling it then shooting off at warp speed.Basically showing off their superior technology n being arrogant grey idiots.The last form of encounters being abductions where it seems the experiment on people,possibly removing eggs or semen then wiping their minds n taking them home.pretty sinister if you ask me !!!
    Are they friendly??
    Maybe we should ask our lab rats if they find us

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