How do I build a fire

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    You can`t build a fire but you can fire a building.

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    rubbing two sticks together
    You ever tried stiking a match?

    A real one or under someone's ass?? (:


    Good answer there old hipster I like that one .....

    Fire is one of the basic essentials for our survival on this planet. Whether it be for warmth, cooking, light, or a sense of security, humans need fire. There are very few, if any, environments on the Earth where humans can survive (over the long term) without it.
    In the days before we had matches, lighters, electricity, and various other means of providing ourselves with heat, cooking, and light, people had invented a myriad of ways to make fire.


    <font size="2">Tinder Fungus refers to a number of species of fungi that catch and hold coals very well.</font>

    <font size="2">They are used for holding a coal for an extended period of time, so as to not have to go through the effort of restarting a fire. Simply pry off a chunk of the smoldering Tinder Fungus and use it to light some tinder and remake your fire.</font>

    <font size="2">They are also used to initially catch sparks in certain fire-making methods, such as the fire piston.</font>

    Please note that the names of "True Tinder Fungus" and "False Tinder Fungus" will vary from region to region, and also depending on your context. For example, from a mushroomers point of view, naming Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) as tinder fungus is incorrect. A common name would be either chaga or clinker polypore; and that which is identified on this site as false tinder fungus is the true one! In any case, chaga makes a great tea with anti cancer properties. Fomes fomentarius the tinder polypore is also medicinal and can be used to make cloth or paper.

    This burns very quick.


    lol i didn't that would happen...crap i'll give you the link then!

    Gather wood and leaves and use a magnifying glass to light them

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