what are you doing tonight?

    I'm a male

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    holding my Josie in my arms as i have did for the last fifty years telling her ilove you my "wee hen"(meaning my little darling)as you can tell i am scottish and proud of it sweet dreams to you girls.

    I love that Wee Hen you are a sweetheart dowsa LOL

    Mel thats because i have a big "Heart for the woman i love .hope your husband has the same.
    I am sat here with my wife enjoying a nice glass of Red wine. 10-15pm here in UK.

    Greetings to UK
    Im free, what have you in mind ?

    Well Dollybird my Josie is going out to line dancing for three hours.You can take me out for a meal.the i AM "Yours heart and soul i am yours"I would take you out "but she took all my money. Maybe she knew about you and me.Ha ha Lol
    Well I am obviously on this site and off work and listening to the rain, which is badly needed here.
    I am working until at least 7. Looking for a date?

    Tonight I'll be dreaming of you baby,jut keep on dreaming I'll be there.Sorry I was dreaming of lady.


    I am a lady lol
    Nothing that includes you!

    It did include him, you were answering his question, lol.
    will just be sleeping that's for sure...hahaha!

    Keeping company on akaQA.

    10 minutes reading my book then going to sleep but hoping the dog doesnt hear anyone going up the main road in the early hours again!!!3am a couple of nights ago BARK BARK BARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(id grumble a lot more if he didnt let me know hed heard something!!!!)

    Going to hang out with friends. Why, are you looking for a date?
    The Phillies are playing on the West coast tonight so I'll pull a late one with the first pitch @ 10:10 EST.

    Playing cards  ( Black Jack )

    Send good nit wishes to my friends.


    On this site answering your question you have agood night as well !

    What do you have in mind?

    watching ghost hunters marathon

    same as last night really

    dowsa, you got to play your cards better than that,lol.


    Hi Dollybird you must agree i am honest about having no money.I lost it all playing Stud poker. Cant win them all.Lol

    Ha Ha, dowsa, I have hear all thoes lame storys before, so much so, its like water of ducks back.

    tonight be fore i sleep i will read my holy quran and look up on the internet to look for kwasaki bikes and and look at the moon

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