Ihave a 5 month old puppy and I let him outside in the yard for 45 min. and when Ilet him back he pees in my house how can I break him of this.

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    He needs to connect the going outside chore with "it's time to go pee" and not inside the house. He may be used to peeing on a paper as in paper training a puppy. It's a little harder to get puppies to equate outside and peeing as the logical next step. Take a papertowel to mop up the mistake he made inside and place it outside in an area you want him to pee in. He will smell the pee on the papertowel and hopefully pee next to it. Praise the hell out of him if he does. Now everytime you take him out to pee, take him to the spot he peed before and he eventually will get the idea. Do the same for pooping too. It will make cleaning up after him easier as it will be in the same spot each time.
    He's probably marking his teritory.

    Suggest you put some pepper or similar powder around the area where he 'performs'. The pepper won't hurt him but it might stop your problem. Alternatively your vet might have better ideas!

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