What"s the best way to stay warm

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    Hot water bottle and hot soup and cover up.

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    How about by wearing layers, that helps keep the warmth in, but don't wear patten leather boots. I found out the hard way they don't keep you warm very well. You're better off with real leather army boots.

    I was in an infantry unit and we use to have what I think were call mickey mouse boots for cold weather they worked great as long as your feet were warm when you put them in.

    Well Roger you are a busy guy asking lots of questions. Ok the best way to keep warm is not to shiver. Just stand perfectly still and relax. Shivering just makes you feel cold.


    Sorry Rushie, shivering actually is the body's reflex action. The muscles around the vital organs shake rapidly which in turn causes energy and raises the core body temperature even though you may feel cold at the extremities.


    Good answer Rushie, I find that if I stay still AND hold my breath it helps but Roger, dont forget to start breathing again. Threw that in as there seems to be so much you dont understand judging by your questions.


    Hey Coach you know what. You're right. I did know that. sometimes we get our answers right and sometimes we get them wrong and sometimes our wrong answers have some truth in them. The body does shiver but if you totally relax you can stop it and you will feel much warmer. Don't knock it till you try it. I kinda thought Roger might be looking for someone to say sex. so I avoided it as much as possible. (I don't mean I avoid sex. Far from it I meant avoided putting it as an answer) Sorry Roger I was taught this when in the military and it worked so go figure

    set your self on fire

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