Whats the best way to get rid of a headache

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    SEX! it does work when ive had a headache and had sex it does actually get rid of your headache,give it a go lol.

    I would say DEVORCE. ;)

    Trying massaging the acupuncture point located between your thumb and index finger.

    excedrin for migraines works in about 15 minutes

    2 stanback powders with a coke.

    If it is a migrane, Alka Selzer can do magic. Also, drink a lot of water and try to sleep for a while - this will help you in many occasions. Coffee is also good, especially if you add lemon juice (this tastes disgusting, which is why I simply go for the coffee when I have a headache).

    Get better soon,


    i have done this an it works for me put a hat in the freezer for bout a hour and than put it on.

    Do you put the hat on or the freezer?

    for,   l (mean against) severe heahaches take codein sulphate Iboprofein or Nurofein wiz water.stay in a cool room or go into fresh air.avoid the hot sun or freezing atmosphere.avoid bright light.

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