How to heal your sciatic nerve so it doesn't hurt

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    Ms Sinclair

    Good question Roger.


    Yes, great question, if you have ever had a problem with the sciatic nerve- it can be so bad you can only walk a few steps at a time, then you'll have to squat until the pain relents. It's a terrible thing and can change your life for the worse fast. I have dealt with it and couldn't walk to my car with out stopping a few times until the pain wore off, than a few more stops. It is a terrible thing to have to go through. Thumbs up to you.

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    Bowen Therapy is the most effective way to treat pain related to the sciatic nerve..Google "Bowen Therapy"

    I used to get sciatica about 2 or 3 times a year due to work stress..I havent had an attack in the last two years as i have my bowen treatment every 3 months as a maintenance and as a preventative..the other upside is it that the bowen therapy makes me feel great all over...

    Ms Sinclair

    Thanks rippedoffrenter. I have the same problem. I gave you a thumbs up for that one too:-)


    <a href="/users/5895/rippedoffrenter/">@rippedoff</a>, good info. thanks for that, gave you a thumbs on your comment.

    I have had sciatica on a, at first monthly, then weekly, then almost daily basis down the right leg and also starting down left. I also have RA, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease and they are all contributors. I have looked into the Bowen Therapy of which you speak and mentioned it to my rheumatologist. He said it is unproven and that as I already had tried massage, chiropractic methods and physical therapy I need not waste any more time as I have other health issues I must attend to. Anyway to make a long story a bit shorter he put me on mild muscle relaxers and neurontin. Low and behold the neurontin is working! As long as I don't try to overwork myself it's working fine. I'm pleased as I take no narcotic painkillers for sciatica (what my former doc gave me) I am very happy for you that the Bowens works as sciatica is miserable. It does go to show you however, that nothing works the same for everyone and it doesn't hurt to try a new avenue. Pain is not my friend! By the way, welcome to the forum newbie! (:

    Roger Willcoe

    Thanks Hipster, I'll have her try neurontin.

    The sciatic nerve travels almost the entire length of our bodies. It ends / begins just infront of the heel on the sole of both feet. People who stand on hard surfaces for long periods such as hair dressers for example tend to get this alot. Can I ask you a question. On the sole of your shoes can you tell me exactly where the sole is wearing away the most. Now it should be along the outer side of the heel. Some times on the inner side of the heel. Also look at all your shoes, they should all be wearing in the same spot. This tells me that your sciatic nerve is being irritated by the way you stand. Let me know the answer and I will tell you what to do. Also can you tell me this one thing. When you stand for any period in the same place, do you slightly lift one foot off the ground but put all your weight on the outer side of the other foot then the same with the other foot?

    Roger Willcoe

    My wifes shoes more on the outside front and heel on the left shoe and outside front and a little inside on the heel on the right shoe. She say's she doesn't stand much. She walks about 3mi at lunch, but sits at her job.
    Thanks Rushie

    Roger Willcoe

    Thanks Rushie I'll tell her and give that a shot.


    Roger are her shoes loose fitting ie do her feet move about in them. You know the type like ballerina slippers, vey thin heel. If so get rid of them they do more harm than good. The walking is great providing she is doing it correctly. ie heel sole toes, many walk on the toes only this will give severe chest, shoulder and upper back ache, some walk on outside of feet causing exsevive strain on mid to lower back. Some walk on the heel and this causes severe sciatic nerve trouble.


    Also tell her sitting is bad. Get up for at least 5 mins every hour as she is sitting on her sciatic nerve. I bet she bends her knees with her feet under the seat with legs crossed. She should try to sit with her feet flat on the floor. When she gets home you wash her feet with warm water and soap. With oil or cream massage her feet pressing and gripping if she winces you will know it's too hard, She might nod off. this means it's working. Your relationship will improve too. Women LOVE having their feet massaged. I have many, many very happy customers

    The sciatic nerve exits the spinal column at the L4, L5 and the sacrum and travels down the gluteal muscles next to the piriformis muscle which is one of your hip flexors... it then travels down the back of your legs and just before your knee divides into two and continues down the back of your calf muscles and down to your feet whenever treating this nerve problem you need to have the treatment start from where the nerve starts that is why Bowen is so effective as it treats the entire length of the sciatic nerve from where it exits the spinal column all the way down your leg.

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