Is water good for you

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    yes Water is so inportant to the human body we would die first of dehydration rather than stavation first

    Yes, most definitely, you need water more so than food. You can survive somewhat longer without food than you can without water.

    In the outback out in the open unless you drink a litre of water per hour during the day you will join the landscape.

    Yes water is more important than food for ones body for one to live. A person can live longer without food than without water. But I would say you need both, but most definetely water is very important for you to drink daily and lots of it.

    That is like asking is air good for you. But don't drink tap water, or out of warm plastic bottles. I use glass only.


    good point there about plastic bottles yes only drink out glass a TU for that comment

    Yes except when you are up to your neck in the hot variety

    Uhh...yes! Your body is made up of 75 to 80% of water. If you do not drink water and replenish your body, it's actually quite simple. You will die!

    Drinking up to @least  500Ml ( not all @once ) a day helps to keep you from passing stinking water & hence a stink off you & possibly your clothes too

    no, too much make you dead


    obviously thats a stupid question

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