Should she be dismissed?

    A very interesting article I stumbled upon about a graduate student in Georgia has been told by her university that she will be dismissed from her degree program, if she does not alter her religious beliefs in regard to homosexuality.

    Do you think they should dismiss her? If not, what other steps should be taken?

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    "Ms. Keeton is studying to become a school counselor, which falls under the auspices and guidelines of the American Counseling Association. The ACA has its own Code of Ethics to which all counselors must adhere, which includes prohibiting counselors from discriminating against anyone in a professional setting based on factors such as gender identity and sexual orientation, among others."

    My question is, does she have an ulterior motive for choosing a field where she would have access to young people. Is it her hope that she can get to them and force her beliefs on them to somehow get them to change? What good would she be as a counselor to a gay person (teen or young adult)? They wouldn't be looking for help with their sexuality. They would see her to help get their courses set up. I don't think she could do her job and not address their sexuality with her close minded views of it. She's already quite vocal about her views within her own school, she'd never be able to keep her mouth shut in a job environment.

    She needs to pick a different career path before she goes out and damages youth by preaching that they are bad for choosing that "lifestyle". Kids kill themselves because of bigots like her.

    I would guess that the don't ask don't tell rule is still in existence.

    We come into this life alone with a clean slate. As our journey through this life unfolds our deeds are recorded (maybe?????) .On the last day we stand for judgment and our deeds are told good and bad. Do no harm should be our motto.I dont know if the future actions of this woman are predictable or not. I truly dont know if we are responsible for our brothers actions. If our inactions are punishable. Would you stop a drunk doctor from operating or a councilor from doing harm? This is truly a good question.Fireman you have a very valid point!!!!! For me I wish only to get through this life and have nothing bad written in the book of life for me.

    I both agree and disagree with you 100 percent.Her ability to offer guidance would be clouded by her personal beliefs. Thats of no value for counseling young people. I believe that being gay is what you are born with,not something that is a choice . You are either gay or not and thats it. Then you play the cards you were dealt as best you can.I am in agreement that a bias this severe would make her ineffective and dangerous when offering advice to young people trying to find their way.Tragic that the person you turn to for help is against you from the start. She is entitled to her beliefs wrong though they may be.Perhaps a change of heart would make her of use. Until then my vote is that she goes ,a bias of this nature is dangerous and the loss of life from her bad advice is quite possible.Great question!!!! Thought provoking to say the least. I dislike being told no and having someones beliefs shoved down my throat.this is where I disagree . No one has a right to bring harm to another because they believe something.

    First ,What kind of school is it????? There needs to be more information regarding the conditions and terms expected by both parties when she signed up to attend that school. If this is a after the agreement condition its pure garbage!!!!!!! What she belives in regard to her religion is her business!!!! If the conditions of attendance were clearly spelled out and agreeded to then she must abide by them or go . School has a right to make policy within the bounds of the law .

    As the article stated, her beliefs are protected by the Constitution. The school should lose this case because they have already judged her by presuming she would "tell homo's they are bad", as someone here has stated. Colleges were created to exchange ideas and build upon them, not by throwing people out because of religious beliefs, which again the Constitution protects.

    No where does the article state that the student would push her beliefs upon those she would counsel, and to presume otherwise is just Religious bashing.

    Great answers! Thanks guys!

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