Joplin struggles while Obama drinks Guiness in Ireland

    Should the President cut short his European trip in light of the tragic events in Missouri? Foreign visits are planned months in advance. Besides,what can Obama do to help, in practical terms? One thing is certain. The optics are not good. Does this change your opinion of the President ?

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    Poor Obama, never where he's supposed to be don't know when to pick up the glass when making a toast to the Queen. But he's in control of the country, help us God.

    There aren't any queens in Chicago. Not his fault.
    Headless Man

    I'm not sure about

    He signed the wrong date also in a guest book. This guy needs a teleprompter to tell him everything, otherwise he looks like an idiot.
    Headless Man

    Yea, I saw that 2008 Im not that far
    My liking or opinion of President Obama cannot go much lower at this point in time.

    Hipster,I think that those that share your opinion as well as those that believe that the man can do no wrong will not change their view of the President. It will be interesting to see what happens with those that are in between. Thanks.
    ole hipster

    Yes indeed....should be really very interesting! (:

    Looking back at what's gone down here since, it would have been better had he never returned. This man appals anew on a daily basis. Ptooey

    no matter how much he drinks the problems will still be there

    He hasn't led YOU to drink yet, has he ?
    ole hipster are so bad! (:
    snicker..snicker (:

    What's so funny, hipster ?
    ole hipster

    Just laughing at some of the comments...meant to make it a comment and not an answer...oh well..what can I say!? Have a real good day digger! (:
    What can he possibly do anyway? He'll make an appearance on Sunday for a photo opp and hightail it back to the Whitehouse to watch some Hoops playoffs.

    Wasn't Bush criticized for not visiting New Orleans soon after the disaster? I suspect that the same criticism awaits Obama.

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