Do aluminum oxide nanoparticles decrease expression of tight junction proteins in brain vasculature

    Manufactured nanoparticles of aluminum oxide (nano-alumina) have been widely used in the environment; however, their potential toxicity provides a growing concern for human health. A study focused on the hypothesis that nano-alumina can affect the blood-brain barrier and induce endothelial toxicity. In the first series of experiments, human brain microvascular endothelial cells (HBMEC) were exposed to alumina and control nanoparticles in dose- and time-responsive manners. Treatment with nano-alumina markedly reduced HBMEC viability, altered mitochondrial potential, increased cellular oxidation, and decreased tight junction protein expression as compared to control nanoparticles. Alterations of tight junction protein levels were prevented by cellular enrichment with glutathione. In the second series of experiments, rats were infused with nano-alumina at the dose of 29 mg/kg and the brains were stained for expression of tight junction proteins. Treatment with nano-alumina resulted in a marked fragmentation and disruption of integrity of claudin-5 and occludin. These results indicate that cerebral vasculature can be affected by nano-alumina. In addition, our data indicate that alterations of mitochondrial functions may be the underlying mechanism of nano-alumina toxicity.

    So if aluminum oxide nanoparticles blocks zinc (brains high speed thought transmitter substance) and the U.S. Climate Change Science Program is spraying thousands of ton of it (aluminum oxide nanoparticles) on the people of the America. Why is the government doing this and why don't we hear anything from the media or the medical community? Is the governent trying to dumb people down? Is it the reason there is so much alzheimers "disease"? How long do I have before I wonder off down the street? Is that why my trees are dying? Does it affect blooming in plants? Is it killing bees along with everything else? Does it help HAARP bounce frequencies in to the planet and atmosphere causing disruptions like earthquakes and changes in our magnetic field? Who's running that operation, what are they really up to and how big are their brains? Are plants and animals part of the environment (are humans bad like co2)? Is it gods will? Does it make you sexy? or penis larger? or enable you to get more yards on the ground? or does it make people stare at the tv and think I gotta buy one of those?

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    Too much to think about. My brain just locked up.

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    1- media do we have a media.
    2- Yes.
    3- A week more or less.
    4- No.
    5- No.
    6- No.
    7- No.
    8- Not telling, don’t knoe how big my brain is.
    10- Yes.
    11- Yes.
    12 Not yet, hoping.
    13- What.
    14- Yes.

    It causes people to not correctly think, feelings of hopelessness, despair, cant make decisions on their own., I just described a democrat. Obama spread this across america , the only way he could get weak people to vote for him was to do this.

    Sorry it gave me dementia I not know

    That's certainly scary. I wonder if we could reverse the effect with foods high in zinc?

    my nanowotsits have up and gone...........

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