What Is The Greatest Gift You Can Think Of To Get A Guy For A 1 Year Anniversary?

    Our one year is coming up and I can't think of anything "special" to get him. The only thing thats coming to mind is a PS3, but that doesnt seem very thoughtful... or does a guy even care about thoughtfulness? lol

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    Thanks Pamela! Not married yet though :( Maybe soon!


    Congratulations! Happiness, Peace and Love on your 1st Year Wedding Anniversary!!! Soon you shall say 2nd.


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    Traditional First Year Anniversary Gifts - Paper!!!

    The most popular places to leave love notes is somewhere in your kitchen or bathroom.
    Regardless of where you leave or hide a love note for your spouse to find, writing the note and taking time to find a unique place for it says loudly that you are still very much in love with your spouse.


    Maybe I'll spoil him and get him some Charmin :p


    hehe I know, just my attempt at yet another joke :)


    @Ashiligh16 - The idea is to leave love notes. But, if using charmin is better, by all means use it!!!


    Guys don't care about what the traditional anniversary gift is & most don't even know & would have to look it up & would only take the time to do so if they were buying their better half an anniversary gift. But if you feel the need to remain traditional use your imagination for example wrap yourself up in paper tonight & don't forget the bow.

    Hey a PS3 would be awesome! Not to mention it has one of the best blue ray disk players available.
    Cook him his favorite meal, of take him to his favorite restaurant. You know we guys love our video games.


    Oh I know it well leeroy, I mistakenly bought him COD for Christmas and then he disappeared for weeks :p I can't help buying him that kind of stuff though, it makes him happy :) Maybe I should buy him a video game and some lingerie and make him choose... that’s just setting him up thought isn't it :p


    hehe, I would hope so! Thanks leeroy, greatly appreciated :)


    I was going to suggest that you could be the desert, but didn't want to go there, I'm sure most men would take the desert over the game, good luck, hope you 2 have a great night!!!

    a hunting, fishing, or racecar driving exp.


    Thanks dwayne!

    Are you married? If so, I believe that the first anniversary is paper, is it not? If so, maybe he'd like some cash lol.


    lol, no not married. Living together though, if that makes any difference.


    How so Randy?

    Headless Man

    Yes, it does.

    An iphone or ipad most men prefer gadgets over cloths or perfumes. Keep in mind that deep inside we're still kids.


    Thats exactly what I was thinking. We just set up his "man cave" this weekend so he's got a room to himself with everything he needs so I thought either a PS3 or Sounds System would complete the whole thing. Thanks Volcane :)

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