Do you think products made in China can be dangerous?

    Watermelons in China exploding in mass made headlines recently ( ). It makes a funny headline, although our media missed key points. First, they caught that it was a “fertilizer”, but it was actually a highly concentrated steroid which is quite dangerous for people. Second, what are the farmers doing with the pieces of toxic watermelons after they explode? Feeding it to farm animals and fish, though it will damage their digestive systems AND much of it will still be there when people eat products from those animals and fish, such as eggs, milk, and meat!

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    In spite of these issues and others, like the 83 million toys being recalled in 2008 (all foreign, 80% Chinese) due to lead paint, our government does nothing. No cargo containers are opened at the border or ports to test for these and many other dangerous chemicals.
    I don't know I think their drywall has done great things for our builders and the people who had to gut their homes.

    I think a Chinese camera cut off Randy's head, it's called the Ninja Camera, buyers beware.

    Yes I know Ninja's come from Japan, o.k. the kung fu camera, is that better?
    Headless Man

    Actually it was a Canon, not sure where there made, sharp though.

    Sharp makes cameras? Oh, sorry cannon. lol.
    I refuse to buy food stuff from China. Phillipines or other Asian countries as I believe their hygiene practises leave a bit to be desired. If not available as Australian my next in line is New Zealand. (you know that little place over the other side of the ditch) Then I go for UK Canada USA. What really gets up my nose is SAFCOL South Australian Fisheries Corporation packaging "Product of Thailand" under the SAFCOL brand. Another one is Koala rice product of China, for goodness sake why does our government allow one of our unique animals name be registered in another country. I spend 15 minutes shopping and 35minutes looking at place of origin.
    maybe the goverment.. their made in china
    T his is hard one I know ther is alot of child labour and certainly dont agree in that and they eat Domesticated Animals and I am really opposed on that 1 Dont get me started on that subject!!!!AS you quoted in your question about all the TOXINS they are using in about every thing they make and Farming all this stuff will hit the Fan its happening now I do not by anything from china not if I can help it I buy most things local and try and keep in the country I am from really good question, My Husband is a Industrial Chemist he pointed out that China are buying all the Raw Mateials and most Countries cannot these as they are hording them then they will get control over all the big countries in the world he pridicted this 4 years ago and guess what its happened
    I never buy anything from China. A lot of Australians feel that way. They ask or check the sale ticket first to make sure it's Australian. In fact, I never buy food that has come from any other country.

    ...from ANY other country ? You've never experienced Canadian mussels from Prince Edward Island and Maple Syrup from Quebec ? You haven't LIVED until you've tried either or better still, BOTH !

    I think it's a good thing to support products made in you own country for the most part, keeps your fellow Aussies working. Thumbs up, digger has a point too, some things may be worth breaking the rules for.

    I've been to Canada and had maple syrup. Our relatives live there. We have relatives in the US, Britain and Canada.
    Though it is unlikely we will see Chinese watermelons exploding on our grocer’s shelves (it happens too fast), it is very likely food products tainted with these powerful steroids are already here.
    China's goods seems to good, beware!
    they make it nearly impossible not to buy their goods.. you cant swing a dead cat without hitting somthing from china

    lol, where did you get that expression from? The cat people are going to get you now Daren...

    ole b-town i guess
    China goes organic after years of 'glow in the dark pork' and 'exploding watermelons'
    eggplant, I think thats a good plan if you want your country to succeed, buy what you make.
    I live in the USA and some things are not available made here anymore.
    I had to look hard to find a flag made here
    Know wonder no one can find a job, we have been to cheap to buy american made and I think it's to late now.

    Many companies are sadly closing down and moving their business to China. I make a point not buy those goods.
    You sound like me PEOPLELOVER, they seem to be good at hiding where something is made, then I'll see packaged in USA and I'll know not made here.
    It's weird not being able to follow the red number system today, don't know what's up with that? Randy, I have had to buy brass parts made for high pressure hoses made in China. They only last about a quarter of the time as the old ones that were made in the U.S.A., maybe not even that long.

    Personally I would rather support American Jobs and have the higher quality product that may cost more but last much longer. Your correct that it's rare if not almost impossible to find American made products, what a shame it has come to this in our country...
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    I finally found an american made flag at
    That is much better than the China junk and cheeper.
    I heard that as of January 1 - 2012 couples, from all countries, wishing to have a baby will have to go to China for the conception so the baby will be "Made in China"
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    Almost that
    I think that bad news is created by the media. China also use iso-level prduction. This is precondition for export. Had a little problem and the media made it big.
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    True, I'm sure they want to correct there problems, so to keep the money coming in there.

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