Chickens for all

    Do you think anyone with a room to keep them should have a few laying hens? Is it an inherent right as a living human to have/own chickens to sustain the human requirement for food to stay alive?

    Or any food stock for that matter? I remember a story of a guy in LA that was told by the city he could not keep his rooster he put in a basket on his bike. Maybe it threatened the master mind set the police try put forward in America these days? Is there a fear of chickens in the psychology books?

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    physco chicken..blok.blok..blok..i think they got a grudge against frank perdu
    Well, in my area in Australia, we are not allowed to keep roosters because they may annoy the neighbours. But, we are allowed to keep up to five hens. I have four hens.
    No I just think in some places they have ordinances against farm animals being in the house or proximity. No there is too much chicken served everywhere for people to be afraid of chickens I think.

    Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens.

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