What can you do with flour?

    What can you do with a milk carton?

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    When I was a child, a friend and I were playing in a garage that had a fan blowing air in, to remove paint fumes from a door that had been freshly painted. A bunsen burner had been left lit under a 5 gallon bucket of tar to warm it for use in patching the house roof that afternoon. My friend's dad had just gone to lunch in the house. We found a bag of leaking pastry flower that promptly decorated our shirts and trousers while we were trying to stop the leaking bag and tossing it on each other in play. He threw the half empty bag of flour at my head, I dodged out of the way, the bag hit the fan which had no protective front grill and dust filled the room...then the bunsen burner set the mixture on fire and the garage exploder with my friend and I inside. The roof blew away and the two of us had every hair burned off in an instant. Neither of us were harmed otherwise. I was sent home immediately with my clothes still smoking.This is an example of what not to make with flour.
    ole hipster

    Hey man, some story! You were one lucky little dude! Personally, can't imagine much worse than being burned in a fire as I was in a serious fire myself and fortunte to have made it out alive. I hope your story gives any inquisitive youngun' who reads it some food for thought!
    well there so many things you can do with flour and milk
    yourshire puddings
    dumplings you must add veg suit to this
    gravey no milk
    i am sure ther are many more good luck
    There is lots of things you can make with flour. You can make cake, pancakes, biscuits, bread, etc...

    Nid yw llawer o bobl yn gwybod bod.....Welsh for ..not a lot of people know that..:o)

    Now they know!
    make paste, parch it to be used as powder, good for sore baby butts. my most favorite is gravy. yum.

    Old school remedy, it works :-)
    Dust it on someones eyebrows.

    Put them in a walk-in freezer.

    Have someone come in later to discover the "frozen" body...

    very funny very good ninnet mel
    You can make paste to glue paper with flour and water.
    The milk? let it go sour and call it yogurt.
    you can make a cake

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