Should USA bring troops home

    Do you think the US should bring all troops home from all countries and assess the power, scope and reach being imposed and the why's of the US military in the world? Do you think that is the only way to get a true reading of the influence they weild or maybe weilding over others and their cultures?

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    Really interesting do you want people to wake up and understand the reasons behind the reason that they were given? You have my vote any question that makes a person think is usually a good question>

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    No it's not the only way to get a true reading on other cultures. It just seems to piss ever other country at the U.S..
    So what is the real reason we are over there is it because of the war on terror? What is behind the War on Terror? Is it a battle for the worlds resources? Yes, I believe it is. We use about 25% of the worlds oil and our countries leaders want to control the worlds resources.

    Is that what you were looking for?

    With the gigantic defense budget and all of the countries budget problems, you might think some politician would think that bringing back our troops might save the taxpayers some money?

    Many parts of the world don't want the U.S. policing the world anyway. We could leave it up to the U.N. and just do our part there.

    It would save an enormous amount of money.

    YES YES YES YES and YES.... My family is full of proud military men and weman. I stand behind our troops. I support THEM. I however see no reason for them to be in conflict.

    Yes, as a Vietnam Veteran I say bring our young men and women home where we love and appreciate them.

    Geweldig die amerikanen die zeggen als ze daar zich zouden gedragen zouden wij er niet nodig zijn onzin...! Als jullie er nooit heen waren geweest was er ook nix aan de hand geweest. Maar dat is slechts de mening van een Wiet rokende gozer uit Nederland

    Great you American always saying that the should behave there self in Iraq but if your retardant president Bush never put his big wining ass into Iraq maby nothing wend wrong. But this is just the opinion of a Weed smoking Guy From The Netherlands (Amsterdam)


    Your profile picture kinda looks like the pollen of what you've been smoking, Lol good to see someone from another country.

    YES If everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan behave and be nice. NO if they don't. :)

    Roger Willcoe

    Yeah, hard to believe they've survived for thousands of years without the US Army, tv's, electricity, the greed for money in there cultures.

    I'm glad they can't get to me because the army's there.

    Roger Willcoe

    But if the cia hadn't gone around the world starting these group so the military and the cia had a reason to expand after russia changed policy and went after money there wouldn't be an enemy attacking.If your a military you need an enemy. If you make military weapons it would be in your interest and the military and cia etc., to have an enemy, and if you dont to invent one. Without and enemy you'd have to make peaceful things that don't pay,control as well, and sets up a different mind set in people. Soon if people don't catch on you can setup a world control grid. Is it here already?


    If they left the rest of the world alone I could care less if they lived like GOATS for the rest of their lives Roger.

    Troop integrity of 99% of the military is not a/the question. I think the real question is what is the "real agenda" of the top 1% control the switch board. Who and what are their checks, a congress that can't get out of there own way, that were put there for there egoism, greed or sexual deviations to be easily controlled and thus perform on bill votes. And that's it for checks, a controlled subcommittee from time to time with questions & answers arrange beforehand. Never a logical hard question of the military itself. Ok, everything's fine, thank you for coming and thanks for your servise to the country. Then we're off the money votes, yes, yes, yes we must support the troops (not the real question) are boys are doing a bang up job over there, how much do you need?

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