How do you make an attachment to an Email?

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    It's been awhile, so I might not be precise in the directions. But, I think I can help. OKAY...look around on the email you are going to send. Either at the top or bottom of the main body of your email (the message you've written and intend to send), there should be something that is blue colored and underlined that says: Add Attachment. Click on that. Next a little box should come up that has a button marked: Browse. Click on that, and then type in where you have what you want to send stored in your computer's memory. Click on the file you want to send as an attachment. It will then attach to your email. You can then double check yourself at that point and open the attachment simply by clicking on it. If it is what you want to send, close it...and then simply go up and hit the send button. It's something that really isn't difficult, but it does take a little familiarity with. Hope this helps.

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