Which do you prefer to drive, an automatic or a stick shift (manual)? Why?

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    stick shift is way more fun if you got a fancy sports car and like racing around ripping through the gears. nothing like the feel of 'popping' out the clutch from a dead stop to get the aderiline going...1...2...3 opps powershift down to 2..whew!!! cloose one!!
    any one can steer an auto, but do actually drive a car, you can't beat a floor shift [stick shift].
    I have both, my daily driver is a Dodge Hemi magnum, its automatic, it's more laid back and a cruiser..

    My other car is a Corvette, this is 6spd manual, to me a sportscar must be stickshift, its what its all about! Feeling the road, the car and the power transmitted through your shifts.. I would not have a sportscar without it being stick.. Now would i want a luxury daily driver without automatic..

    100% true!
    Automatic makes giving the strategic finger to tailgaters more safely.
    Automatic, it's easy to drive. I have driven a manual, but that's long ago.
    An everyday driver, stick.
    I liked the stick shift when I was younger, automatic now to lazy to pop the clutch to cheap to pay for the
    Manual for gas milage and the sexy factor... But automatic for lazy, buzy mom syndrome.
    As I am old and lazy I have automatic. In my wild and dangerous youth I drove a floor change for a very good reason, there were no automatics when I got my licence in Feb. 1949. I drove a 1930 Morris Isis Roadster. Canvass hood dicky (rumble) seat in the open at the back. 18 horsepower six cylinder 3 speed box. The motor gave one chugg every telegraph pole.
    Good morning all! (: When I used to drive and when my kids were small I always preferred I had an extra hand to swat the little monsters!
    Without a question, stick ! one gets a better mileage, cheap in gas and also on brakes since you shift down when you want to slow down and it is safer. Stick all the way !
    Stick shift because I get better mileage than an automatic.

    Thanks Gary - checkout the new DSG, it's as economical as stick shift.
    Being an ex truck driver and having 18 gears (well more like 13 or 14 since I could usually skip the first few) to go through, I do prefer an automatic for a personal vehicle.
    Automatic because I cant drive a car with a stickshift
    Automatic, that's because I live in the big city and have to deal with traffic. If I lived in a less populated area, I wouldn't mind having a second car with a stick shift, they can be fun to drive when your not dealing with traffic.
    Stick, better mileage and fun..

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