how do I unsubscribe from Ask a Question

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    You can't, just don't come back. We won't come looking for you no matter what digger

    Hey Randy, did you get my message? The phone number to ring is: 1300 533 555. It will be an overseas call so you'll have to put a prefix on it.
    You can't. This site is owned by the Mafia. Once you're IN, you're IN. Capish ? I've got my eye on you, you !
    Well if you wanted us to ask you why is it that you want to unsubscribe....we won't! Peace be with you!
    Just disappear...........
    Sit on the toilet backwards and flush 13 times, then sing the star spangled banner loud. Your name will than be removed from the files forever. Thank you for visiting.
    well first, you must prepare a 500 word essay on why you would want to 'unsubscribe'. Then once completed, you must then submit it to the forum administrators, they will then take your request under consideration, once they have decided if they would release you from your binding contract with us, you must then submit this admin approval for release to the gate keeper and at that time, you must show 3 forms of identification and then the gate keeper will give you a password that you must give to the 'holder of the keys' for the gate that the gatekeeper is in charge of. once you receive this key, hand it to the gate keeper and he will open the gate to 'unsubscribe' then escort you out. Please tip the gate keeper, he's only paid 50% of minimum wage and the rest is made up in your tips..

    have a good day! Hope you enjoyed your stay...
    Just dress up as The Long Ranger scream from the top of your lungs .... HIO SILVER !! and that should do it

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