I have a Samsung mobile also my partner and we would like to download photos from our samsung mobiles to my computer

    I bought two lead cables with disk (for both of our mobies) but the computer does not recognise it - please can you help?

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    First of all, make sure to put your Samsung phone in "Disk drive" mode. If its an Android phone, then go to: Settings->Connect to pc->Default connection type, and choose disk drive. Then connect Your phone to the computer (a message may pop in your phone that will ask you to choose connection type, choose "disk drive" again).

    If your computer won't recognize your phone at this point, then try changing the removable drive's letter. sometimes the removable drive on the computer has the same letter as a non-removable drive on your computer, so you'll have to change it. Just right-click on "my computer"->manage->Disk management, locate a drive that says "removable drive" and change its letter name (by right clicking it and choosing "change drive letter and paths") to a different letter that's different than all the other drivers on your computer.

    Good luck.

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