north american indians never go bald.Why?

    They can be white haired,but never lose their hair.

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    Perhaps they have different hormone levels, since they don't seem to have as much body hair.
    It's all those scalps they ripped from the Whiteman's heads.. they do go bald but they have many years supply of replacements..

    I'm pretty certain that's why..
    It's probably genetic, in that they don't produce the chemical responsible for baldness. Typically, they also don't have thickly growing facial hair. And, I once had a dentist mention that he noticed the roots of Native American people's teeth were thicker and deeper a lot of times. Can't scientifically back this up, as it is merely people's observations. But, there just might be something to it.
    i like to think that they had enough stolen away from them.. at least leave them some dignity.. sounds silly but thats my answer

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