My 20 year old Cockatiel passed away this morning and I want to know why?

    We have had our bird a long time and in the last few days he was not himself. I found him on the bottom of the cage and knew he was going to die. We held him all day and then passed away this morning. Please give me some answers.

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    You are very lucky to have a cockateil last so many years, I've had several cockateils most of my life at one point or another. They have such amazing personalities for a medium sized bird. The oldest one I've ever heard of or had was about fifteen years old.

    I know how difficult it can be to loose a loved pet, they are really like a member of the family, especially after having one for so long. Most likely you buddy just died of old age. If you decide to get a new one (notice I didn't say replace,) because you can't replace a family member, but if you do get a new bird let the bird choose you. I have found that birds that pay attention to you in the stores are always the best to have. Even if it takes you a few months to find a bird, the one that likes you first will make the best pal for anyone.

    You may want to consider buying a larger bird that has a longer life expectancy, I would suggest an African gray, or a yellow nape, they are the smartest of the parrots and will probably out live their owners if they remain healthy. I've had some wonderful birds as pet in my life and even though they are messy, if you've never had one as a pet you don't know what you're missing.

    I hope in time it becomes easier to deal with the loss of your friend, I know I still miss my feathered friends, a new well chosen bird will help you move on. Hope this helps, and sorry for your loss...

    No answer other than to say that the average life expectancy of a Cockatiel is only 5 years - not that this helps - but then knowing much more will also help little now that it has passed.

    Sorry for your loss.

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