Evacuating the west coast of US

    Will the US evacuate the west coast for the safety of the people?

    Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste"

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    Wow... you really need to read up on this situation before freaking out.


    That's a good one Ashligh 16, LOL

    no...they dont care as of this moment..I called my dr and they said theres nothing to worry about! The government is monitoring everything..but this dosnt make sense..what if theres an explosion or melt down??? The us would be left scrambling right! How fast would that stuff get here?? As fast as the air can take it! Thats not enough time to get potassiom iodide and evacuate and have gass masks..and do this in a healthy time frame. This is a concern. Also I called a phone number 970-494-5500 they are completly sold out of radiation detectors, etc!! They said this has never happened! That us isnt prepared! Tell me your oppinion, thanks!

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