Red sky at morning

    Does the saying red sky at morning sailor take warning apply if your not a sailor and your governments been chemtrailing all night?

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    I only know my nan said red sky in morning, shepherds warning, red sky at night shepherds delight,  I think it was related to rain forecast

    Red sky in the morining is a sailor's warning.

    Red sky in the morning usually bad weather (sailors/shepherds take warning) Red sky at night a nice calm night as well as day (sailors/shepherds delights)

    Interestingly enough, that old saying only is relevant where there are prevailing Westerlies. Where there are prevailing winds out of the East, that saying no longer works, no matter what you are snorting or doing.

    "Gazing out at the desert from a hill at that (Red Sun), I love it up here! Its like something (GOD) would do if he had the time!"

    Red sky in the morning shepards  warning red sky at night shepards delight

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