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    Do you think people on tv news really think we believe what they're selling?

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    **I for one am a Conservative Republican. I do watch FOX on cable and mostly ALL their political talk shows lean right. I also watch FOX NEWS with Shepard Smith and find the news programs fair and balanced. Now, if I want a left spin on the same stories I would go to MSNBC and here every political talk show lean LEFT. Fine, its when the NEWS comes on that bothers me. NBC, CBC and ABC ALL LEAN LEFT. So the news reports tend to favor anything Barack Obama does and almost NEVER criticize him.

    EXAMPLE: Take Obama's poll numbers when they were tanking a few months ago. The numbers were NEVER reported on the nightly news casts of the 3 major networks but when GEORGE W BUSH'S numbers were going south it was ALMOST ALWAYS the LEAD IN STORY. So my answer is YES. **

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