Do cats own people

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    Roger Willcoe

    I think they think they do.

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    OH YES Oh YES they certainly own everything in the house the garden my bank balance "Re: Food Vet bills heating garden maintenence cat litter fussy food eaters ect. but I wouldnt be with out them ever, a house is not house unless you have a Animal/Cat to share it with i love their funny ways if you been away and of course you have had acat sitter looking after them, You can see their noses go up in the air and look at you as if you have a stepped in dogs poo on your shoes they compleatly ignor you they definately rule the roost x

    Dogs have owners cats have staff.


    this is so true Darci

    Of course cats own their people...just ask any cat owner! I love cats regal and "imperial" ways. That's what makes them unique, fascinating and lovable. And yes Roger Willcoe, that catch mice thing is a real plus when you reside in a big city!

    Cats are very independent and and I love them. Without a daubt, they own us.

    As a person who is owned by a cat a yes vote is in order

    When cats rub their face on things and you, they are marking you as their property.
    Dogs think you are god. Cats think they are god.

    mine does all the time

    A dogs love is easy to get and usually unconditional, but to earn a cats love is much more difficult and complex. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. Cats on the other hand,,, once they love you are very loyal, if you earn it. They memorize your schedule, follow you around, and even get mad when you go away and reek havoc on your house. I think if you kicked your cat out he would never leave, if he didn't wan to leave.

    The problem sometimes is that it's hard to find a good cat. You know, the kind that wont tear up the furniture or pee on the rug, or the kind that doesn't hide under the bed all day. Just like its difficult to find a smart dog sometimes. I had a dog that was just dumb as a rock, and I've had some smart ones too.


    So yeah, cat owns you.

    Then don't seem to care if your sleeping at 3:00 in the morning and they want outside.


    better that than cleaning up when you wake up, been there done that.

    They probably do. But we own the dogs so there is no reason to be intimidated.

    I'll ask Oliver and get back to you on that one when he tells me.......

    hi Darci I had cat called Oliver sadley he died early this year what a cat he was I will never for get him

    I truly am sorry for your loss it hurts I know. I don't know what I will do if something happens to my Ollie he is almost 18 years old and I do not even want to think about it. I am sorry for your loss I truly am.

    Oh most deffently they do OWN!!! us

    I have a cat she refuses to drink water from the same bowl as the dogs. She only wants to drink water straight from the tap while it's still running. Every darn day I have to turn the water on in the tub and let her drink from it till she's finished.I would make her "suck it up" and drink the same water as the dogs but she is old and can only walk on 3 legs so I humbly bow to her demands!


    I've had this same finicky behavior in a few cats, they love running, clean water. They sell little cat bowls that have built in pumps that will solve this problem. They are in most pet stores are are relatively inexpensive.

    country bumpkin

    I've seen them. I'm curious to how much electricity those things use up per month.
    yes the snuggle around your legs then they "pee on them

    are you sure you are talking about a cat and not a dog.
    They certainly know how to put their demands across,and wont let up until you have met their needs,but having said that,i dont hesitate to abide by them.So yes they do own me and they have got me wrapped around their little paw.
    Have a joke for you a cat and a mouse died and went to heaven, after a few days God was walking around heaven and happened to run into the mouse and inquired of him what he thought about heaven. The mouse told God it was really good but really big and he wished God would give him roller skates so that he could get around quicker and better so God gave the mouse roller skates. Then another day or two God was walking around heaven and ran into the cat and inquired of the cat what he thought about heaven. The cat told God that it was good but he really enjoyed it since they had meals on wheels now.

    They R one creature I would not own. They lay around all day and do nothing, just like aquarium fish! If they had a brain they might think "what a fool that person is that does every thing 4 me"!

    Roger Willcoe

    lol...well, mine all catch mice for a living.


    sounds like some people i know!

    ours thinks so,she also owns my dog despite being only being a bit bigger than his head!!!Shes definitely top cat here

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