How long before we can start killing for Libya oil

    How much longer until the oil cartel with the help of the military industrial complex gets their oil?

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    Going into Libya is just another one of our Administrations Blunder. I dont think it is about oil but it sure is about power.
    it seems to me that they already did the moment they dropped the first bomb. the obama adminsration wants us to beleive it was in the name of freedom. we know otherwise. if you think the big oil companys have no say think again their power is far more reaching than we think. why is it we only go after the countries with oil reserves..
    I read recently that there are American ground-troops already in Libya.

    What would Americans do without gas for their cars.I think they would go crazy.I know my soon to be ex wife would go totally insane.

    We started Months ago. Start composing your question for two or three years time. "When will this bloody war end"
    who the helldo you think was in those tanks and rockets sites
    the raf bomb , the diddy men

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