what to do if my bf commits to marry but says he does not love me?

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    Why would you marry someone if they admit to you that they dont love you, the only thing you can say about this guy that he has been honest with you good luck mel

    if u consider him honest as he said he doesnot love me..then why is not he honest when he says he will marry me?
    Is this an S/M relationship? "Requests and demands".
    Wait 'til you get married, he might turn into an abuser and you may be very very sorry.

    Find someone else, love.
    get rid of him! don't live life with someone that isn't totally committed to love life and happiness. he will only let you down plus he may meet someone he does fall in love with. leaving you bitter and hurt.
    you only have one life, don't be afraid to get what makes YOU happy! ;-)
    he takes care of me and keeps all my requests and listens to my demands...

    rasi this is not enough you deserve better you will only get hurt by this man please listern to what everyone is saying its sounds like he is keeping you as a kept wooman /or the other woman are you sure there is no one else in this relation ship? monatary is not what a relationship is about everyone wants comfort and reassurence but love will only survive any of these things please really think about this person before taking the big step good luck mel
    he takes care of me and keeps all my requests and listens to my demands...

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