how can i get rid of slugs?

    they are in my yard, and get on my porch. they also get in my dog's dish

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    The beer should be placed around the porch in the ground. Dig a hole deep enough to put the can into with the top being a little below the ground level. It would help if you could keep the dog out of it - dogs love beer.

    There are also products that you can buy at the hardware stores and nurseries that are pelletized and you spread them on the ground (after it rains it must be reapplied), but check to see if they are harmful to the dog.

    sahsa's mom

    i will try the beer trick..also going to the feed store ..thanks

    Good luck and thanks for the great question.
    I heard once to sprinkle salt around troubled areas.. I don't know it that will work, I never had the problem but where I worked one time they did, I just can't remember if it did the trick. If it's around the dog dish the dog will probably lick it though. UGH!!
    sahsa's mom

    they are all over the yard now..have no idea wat's going on

    Maybe its time to call the exterminator??
    You can get copper tape to keep them away. Some say it works some say not. Get it from your garden centre and let us know if it works.
    Go with the beer, it works. Don`t forget the beer is for slugs and snails NOT YOU>
    Put a jar lid out with beer in it and they will be drawn to it. Also eggshells make a rough surface that they don't like to cross. another thing is to keep the grass and flower gardens well weeded and cut short so there is less area for the slugs to stay under cover.

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