Are the Japanese

    The most civilized people on the planet? I can't think of another country that would be as at peace if something like that happened.

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    I think your right about how the Japanese are acting, almost acting like republicans.


    I love me some republians...

    Headless Man

    I said


    Not quite as well as Republicans Randy but close. ;)

    I would not say there is a peace about the Japanese ppl... They are a differnt pll they value different things they express themselves diffently. I have had Famil ythere for a very long time, They often speak of the culture as being very detatched.

    **The Japanese may be a disciplined people NOW but have a dark history of brutality during WWII that's soiled any notions of civility to their victims. KOREA and CHINA can't stand them.**


    And some how this makes me think of "V" on prime time.. lol

    Roger Willcoe

    Yes that's true. I know people that will never trust them again but I think people change and history is written by the winners. I wounder what history will say about the US sometimes when I think about one of the things that made America a great country that was absolutely decimated by the powers that be making the US another torture state outright and proud about it under guise of safty. I'd rather have the wolves at the door than become associated with such savagery.

    Roger Willcoe

    I was. America used to stand for something. If you have to resort to torture your no longer any better than they (CIA trained and backed enemy) are and they've won. America was almost the right stuff but a fifth column is now in control.

    Hey George they teach you fifth column in the all pro American school?


    If your referring to the Bush Administration and Water Boarding then your talking to the wrong person. I believe we should do WHAT EVER we need to do to prevent another 9-11 and if torture gets that job done then IO support it. The rules of the game are changing and the US has been playing by the rules for WAY TOO LONG.

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