If Tsunami hit England

    Would we be seeing the Queens in her crown jewels picture with an underlay silhouette of England and the British flag, "God Save The Queen" everytime news agency's went to or came back from commercials? And would we be hearing of the rich history of particular towns and what happened there in 1604 instead of how a nuclear plant works in a country (Japan) that was civilized when most of our ancestors were eating raw meat?

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    Oh come on was just a bit of banter n there many english people in Scotland too you know.When you say tribal you mean we weren't Romanised like you jokin bout Jordan thou am sick of her face in the paper everyday.


    I appreciate your banter. I am an Englishman married to a Welsh speaking girl and live in her country. I love the Welsh folk and they treat me as an adopted Welshmen. As for Romanising England I don't think that is the case. Sadly, most English are without any belief except in themselves. Is Jordan the female with a megafront and nothing upstaurs?

    Och you know yourself pal there's nothin much in England left for a Tsunami to damage while we're up here in Scotland sitting up a mountain enjoying the view,,most days you lot be too pissed to be bothered if it hits or not.Wouldnt be the Queen giving speeches it'd be Jordan you'se can keep her we'll rescue Cheryl

    What a pointless question. You should get out more. The Scots who hate the English are very two faced when they want to enjoy a well paid job in England. I am proud to say that I have many Scottich friends and the English treat them with love and compassion. I suppose tribal people will bneed another hundred years to evolve.

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