Scientific proof of God's existence

    If we had scientific proof of God's existence, wouldn't we talk about the "Science of God" rather than "Faith in God"?

    Just a few points;

    -God has never left any physical evidence of his existence on earth.

    -None of Jesus' "miracles" left any physical evidence either.

    -God has never spoken to modern man, for example by taking over all the television stations and broadcasting a rational message to everyone.

    -The resurrected Jesus has never appeared to anyone.

    -The Bible we have is provably incorrect and is obviously the work of primitive men rather than God.

    -When we analyze prayer with statistics, we find no evidence that God is "answering prayers."

    -Huge, amazing atrocities like the Holocaust and AIDS occur without any response from God....

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    You know nothing of what you speak (using our human brain). That includes me.


    By the way, E= MCsquare is the science of what exists and why everything exist. I know your saying, WHAT!!!!! See, you just don't want to KNOW, you and you are not alone, love to believe in nothing.

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    I don't know why everyone keep asking questions about GOD? Well actually I do its that aching in their heart to find HIM, even the people who denies HIM will bow down to HIM one day. I plan to do so willingly. Love, Randy


    I wasn't looking to start arguments. I'm simply asking a question that interests me and where I like to see other peoples point of view. Isn't that what this site is for? I say this in the nicest way possible but, if you don't like the questions, don't answer them :)

    Headless Man

    I'll answer your question Just seem like know one likes the answers. Its FAITH you have to have FAITH in JESUS and ask HIM to make it clear for you. Go to a good BIBLE teaching church until you find one you like. Churches are made up of people and people can be a pain.
    Read the Bible for yourself ask questions of the pastors get more than one opinion and pray about it. Love, Randy AND GOD LOVES YOU!

    Don't worry someday soon you can ask him yourself.

    Why do people keep banging on about god.? The bible is just a collection of fairy stories told by people way back in history, and that's all. Think about it, in those days they had'nt heard of IVF, and it is a well known fact that a man and woman have to have intercourse, and sperm has to fertilise a womans eggs to provide a baby.So the immaculate conception is yet another fairy story.

    The provision of a few loaves of bread and fish to feed thousands of people is impossible, think about it, and don't tell me that god can do all these things because he is yet another figment of someones vivid imagination.

    So lets stop all this nonsense and just endeavor to be a good person in what we do in our lives and stop trying to ram religion down the throats of those who do not want it.


    I'm with you rok .... but in my defense, it's always a good conversationa and I really like seeing how people who do believe in God will answer some of those points :)


    Everyone keeps saying I'm typing my beliefs, it's not so. Read one line of something I typed and tell me what is not true. I just don't have the time. I don't know how a person can find everything that was typed by me, but if you can, what did you read that is not true, line by line?

    divine proof is in prime numbers and shapes, and understanding of frequencies and our complete dependency on them.

    negative numbers represent evil/negative energy/disease/chaos, and positive numbers represent love/divine energy.. the validation for this is in the fact that the spiral is a divine shape found everywhere (galaxies/star clusters, sea shells, DNA strands, the cow lick on top your head etc..), and spiral shapes can be easily formed through algorithms created by prime numbers, which anyone could make themselves.. (and negative numbers do not possess.. following?)

    -10 + -2 = -12 and -10 + +2 = -8.. so you see, negative numbers are sort of infectious, if you allow this. A negative plus a negative is always a negative, and a negative plus a positive depends on the size of numbers of the negative and positive. But there is no harmony in negative numbers. It is a fact of arithmetic that negative numbers can not have primes. The message is simple, negativity will have it's place so long as we are stuck on the simplest equations.. when we understand the power of prime numbers, we see that there is harmony on the side of love that can not be touched by evil in this state.

    So I hope you understand.. negative numbers do not carry harmonious divine energies, and only win small battles, but they do not match divine battles. This doesn't prove the existence of God, but of divine energy, which we can all tap in to ourselves.

    i belive der is god well dats because im a muslim but luk if u go on utube miricles of god loads of things wud come up but sum may be fake but others wont i strongly believe der is god. but many ppl say if there is god y dosent he help us well this life is a test meaning this life is not real ur real life is goin to be in hell or heavan but dis is wat i think if u believe fine but if u dont its still alright cause ur belief is different

    If there is a god, where did s/he come from? Who made god?


    Now that is the hardest question of all? Somewhere I answered this question the best way I know how. I gave a definition (of GOD) using words we are used to using but do we understand what these words mean? The answer to your question ,which will only still leave you with no answer is, GOD JUST IS. Always WAS, and ALWAYS WILL BE! See, right back to the beginning.Why? Because one can only KNOW HIM, (we call this unknown HIM,sometimes.Call HIM HER if you like).Our human bodies have limited features. Our brains have limited knowledge.


    We then base our knowing using our brains that have limitations. This is what we believe and taught, is it not? We believe that limited knowledge is all there is, that's all that exists has limits. We are taught if your brain needs to know more, go to school, maybe college, are we not? (For all the people out there this is your chance to correct what i just typed, anyone?).


    You can go to this expensive school where you can teach your brain stuff, that's all it is, stuff, whether it's true or false,right or wrong,I believe it, I don't, it's stuff we call knowledge. Our beliefs(stuff) is not KNOWLEDGE. We can not KNOW knowledge when you believe you are a physical body,why? Because we ask our learned thought,processed brain to explain.We only get false answers when we ask a brain something when we KNOW our brains were taught by other brains who learned what they know by other brains, and on top of it all admit that we have limitations. We can only know so much,no?


    Now I was waiting for someone to jump in. I typed "our brains have limited knowledge". That is a false statement and I promised I will only type what is not false. There is no such thing as "limited" knowing, knowledge. It does not exist. The false is false no matter how much of the truth is part of it. No, the TRUTH can't not co-exist with the false. No, what IS can not co-exist with what is not. It's one or the other.So GOD IS! or is he not? That's is what you are asking, what exist and what does not exist, no?Same thing.


    Confused? You should be. These are our thoughts.


    And one other thing, since, what is not can not be, then what IS can. Believe me people, you won't win. What I type is true, what we believe, unless you KNOW GOD, allelse is false. A person can talk until one is blue in the face.


    Again don't ask me if what is true or false, ask HIM, and you will BE SHOWN.

    Your view is biased, just as science's view is biased towards religion, just like everyone's view, it's just your opinion. Jesus did appear to over 400 people after his resurrection, it's well documented. Look it up for yourself. If you consider yourself a (tolerant person), your have to tolerate everyone's views. No one is cramming anything down anyone's throat here. If you ask the question don't be (intolerant) when you get the answer.

    The creationist view is biased towards their faith, just like your view of what you call science is biased in your background and beliefs. Colleen is right same question asked differently!


    Who said anyone was cramming anything down my throat? And who's being intolerant? I'm confused as to who you are directing your answer to ... and as for this "same question asked differently" .. it has absolutely nothing to do with upping my karma or making it popular, it's something that interests me and I felt like asking it. Why bother commenting on something you're bored with?


    The question was edited two days ago, there was a comment about "people cramming religion down your throat," that's why I commented on it. That's all.


    I suppose the question said before edited,"I am tired of people cramming God down my throat?" Everyone's view is biased, it's not a personal attack, just a statement. If I am wrong I apologize....

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